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Subscription Settings
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Subscription Settings is where you'll find settings that pertain to the overall experience and behavior of your subscription offering;

  • Promotion Window

  • Subscription Gate

  • Connected Stripe Account

In-App Subscription Promotion Window


The Promotion Window gives networks an opportunity to introduce and excite their newly registered members with the subscription offerings.

The Promotion window is shown when;

  • A network has Subscriptions activated, and

  • has at least one activated subscription product, and

  • a registered, approved (for private networks) member enters the network for the first time.

The information you enter into the Promotion Window is also used at the top of your subscription product offering page.

Subscription Promotion Media

This is the image or video (highly recommended) shown at the top of the promotion window and subscription products listing page. Use this media as a way to help define and excite members about the subscription product(s) you're offering.

File formats: jpg, gif, png, mov, and mp4
โ€‹Resolution: Square or landscape format recommended

Subscription Promotion Title

Shown underneath (mobile) or next to (web) the subscription promotions media, the title gives network owners the opportunity to brand their subscription offering or provide a call to action or statement that promotes the sale of the offerings.

Subscription Promotion Description

Shown underneath the subscription promotions title, the description allows network owners to sell the value of their offerings with more detail.

In-App Subscription Gate


The subscription gate is what members see when they click or tap on something they don't have access to in the network, like;

  • Premium content

  • Premium features (content creation, livestreaming, direct messaging, and more)

  • Premium groups

  • Premium events

Subscription Gate Media

Like the Subscription Promotion Media, use this as an opportunity to get your members excited about what they're trying to access. Video is highly recommended.

File formats: jpg, gif, png, mov, and mp4
โ€‹Resolution: Square or landscape format recommended

Subscription Gate Description

Shown underneath the Subscription Gate Media, the description allows you to further point out the value of your membership offering and what your member is trying to access.


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