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Subscriptions: Getting Started
Subscriptions: Getting Started
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How to add on the membership subscriptions feature set and connect Stripe to set up and activate your subscription offering.

1. Add On Membership Subscriptions Feature Set to Your Network

Because not all networks wish to sell subscriptions, the membership subscription feature set must first be added to your network. Adding the feature set will turn on several features in your Control Center and, when set up and activated, in your member applications as well.

How To Steps

  1. Log in to the Control Center (see How To Access The Control Center) with a network admin account.

  2. Click the Upgrade & Addons button at the bottom of your Control Center's right-side menu.

  3. Find "Paid Subscriptions" in the list of addons that appear and click the +Add button.

  4. Check the box to agree to the "Honeycommb Paid Subscriptions Agreement" to activate and click the Agree & Activate Feature button.


The membership subscriptions feature set is now available throughout the Control Center, along with the following;

  • "Subscriptions" is now a primary menu item in the right-side menu.

  • Posts can now be marked as "Premium" in the Control Center.

  • "Premium" groups can now be created in the Control Center.

  • "Premium" events can now be created in the Control Center.

  • A "Member Billing" tab is now available for each member view in the Control Center.

Note: Membership subscriptions will not be active in your network for members to experience and purchase until you complete Subscription Settings, create subscription products, and activate subscriptions for your network by clicking "Activate" once you're ready to launch your subscription products.

2. Connect Your Stripe Account to Honycommb

Before you can complete this step, you'll first need an account on Stripe, if you don't already have one. Things to consider regarding Stripe;

  • Honeycommb works best with a Stripe Standard account (highly recommended).

  • If you already have a Stripe account, is it registered under the same business (name) as your Honeycommb network? If not, it makes sense to create another Stripe business account under the business your Honeycommb network will be registered under.

  • If you already have a Stripe account, know that your Honeycommb products will be mingled with your current offerings. This has created some "messiness" that some of our customers don't like. In this case, consider creating another Stripe account to connect your Honeycommb network too.

How To Steps

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your Stripe account.

  2. In your Honeycommb Control Center, click the Subscriptions link in the right-side menu.

  3. A window will pop up asking to connect to a Stripe Standard account. Click the Connect to Strip Standard button. You will be taken directly to Stripe where you're already logged in.

  4. Follow Stripe's prompts to connect to Honeycommb. Once Stripe is successfully connected, return to your Honeycommb Control Center and refresh your browser to confirm Honeycommb is connected.

  5. Confirm Stripe is connected by clicking on the Subscriptions link in the right-side menu. If connected, you will see the Subscriptions Settings sub-link.


Complete Subscription Settings
(You must complete your Subscription Settings to unlock the Subscription Products and Promotions areas)

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