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How do I create a network?

You can create your dedicated network at Fill out this simple form to create your network's web application and Control Center. You can add on mobile apps at any time.

There's no credit card required to create your network. Note that your network will automatically close at the end of your free period unless you add credit card details in your Control Center: Account & Billing > Payment Methods.

Where do I log in to the network I created?

When you created your network, you were automatically logged in with the account information you provided, email address, and password. If you've since been logged out, you can log back in at your network's login page at [yoursubdomain] If you don't remember the subdomain of your network, please "Submit a request" to the Honeycommb Success Team in the Help Center here.

How do I access my Control Center?

Access the Control Center using a modern browser, like Chrome, on your desktop computer. Log in to your network via web browser, click the ••• account menu found in the left menu next to your avatar and name, and select "Control Center".

You can also simply enter "/control-center" at the end of your honeycommb domain - [your-subdomain]


Logged in view of a Honeycommb network's web application side menu and open member menu.

Where can I add my logo and other brand elements to my network?

Log in to your Control Center and go to; Community Settings > Branding & Graphics. In this section, you'll find many ways to add your brand elements to the experience of your network.

Be sure to also visit; Community Settings > Language Customizations. Here you'll set the brand language used throughout the network experience, including your web login and registration page.

I want to set my network to "Private". Where do I do that?

Networks, when created, are automatically set to "Open" which means that anyone who finds your network can freely register to become a member, login, and engage.

To switch your network to "Private", log in to your network, go to your Control Center > Community Settings > Onboarding - select "Private Community" and "Save Changes".

How do I invite people to join my network?

There are a few ways to invite others to join your network;

  1. Simply share your unique Honeycommb link; [your-subdomain]

  2. Log in to your network, click "invite" from the left side menu, copy your unique invitation code, and share it with others. Clicks, registration, and even revenue will be tracked to your profile.

  3. Go to the Control Center > Grow > Invite Members - click the "Add Members"

  4. Create profiles (members) by going to the Control Center > Members - click the "Create Member" button. Complete the form to create a new profile (member). If you've created this profile for a member, prompt them with the login info you used to create the profile (email address & password) and ask them to change the password once they log in.

How do I activate the membership subscription features?

This feature set is not activated by default because not all networks are interested in generating revenue. To activate the features, log in to your Control Center, and click the "Upgrade & Addons" button where you find the "Paid Subscriptions" add-on. Follow the prompts to activate.

Once the membership subscription features are activated, you will see a new "Subscriptions" menu link in your Control Center. Connect your Stripe account and complete the Subscriptions Settings to activate the "Products" and "Promotions" areas.

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