Control Center Overview
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The Control Center is where network owners and administrators manage every aspect of their network, from settings and customizations to posts, members, and integrations.


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Your Honeycommb Control Center is a separate application that gives administrators complete control over every aspect of the network.

You can find your Control Center by logging into your network, clicking on your user menu, and Control Center, which you’ll see if you’re an administrator. You can also get to the Control Center by going to yournetworks domain /control-center.

The overview page gives you a sense of how things are going in your network with growth and engagement information, like new registrations, most active members, and popular content. Select preset date ranges to see how things look over time.

Posts, members, groups, and events all offer lists, detail views, and ways to create.

Grow and Engage offer different features to do both. Features, like sending custom mobile notifications only show if you have dedicated mobile apps.

You’ll really get to learn about your Honeycommb network and how you can customize it in the Community Settings area. Explore each section. You’ll see that big customizations, like making your network private, are controlled by simple point, click, and save actions.

Every once in a while you’ll see this “Available in Control Center 1.0”. This means you’ve found a feature that hasn’t made its way over to this new Control Center yet. Click this button to access the feature in Control Center 1.0.

With custom integrations, webhooks, single sign on, and more you’ll find a number of ways to connect Honeycommb to other services in order to extend the usefulness of the platform.

Account & Billing allows you to manage your account, payment methods, invoices and more. Be sure to update your business information before you start inviting people to join.

Have fun making your new network your own 😊

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