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Pricing F.A.Q.
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Please refer to the pricing page on for the latest information.

What do I get when I purchase Honeycommb?

Honeycommb is "Software as a Service". You are licensing the use of our full stack platform on a monthly subscription basis, relative to the number of registered members you have in your network.

You get all that our web application and Control Center has to offer, including general customer support, which is a team of wonderful, eager people who want to see you succeed with Honeycommb.

Honeycommb also offers add-ons, like mobile apps, that will affect the cost of your monthly subscription with Honeycommb but offer more capability and value.

How does Honeycommb's pricing work?

Honeycommb is priced based on member tiers and add-ons. We do this because we think it's the most fair and simple. It aligns best with our costs and allows us to offer every feature with very few restrictions or limits - instead of bundling features you don't need and limiting things like storage, groups, admins, and things other platforms limit that make pricing confusing and growing scary.

What is a "Member Tier"

A member tier is a defined number of registered members related to a set price. For example, if the total number of registered members in a network is 927, the network is in the 101-1,000 member tier and will pay the associated monthly subscription fee.

Honeycommb can handle a network of any size, including networks in the hundreds of thousands and tens of millions in size. Our member tier pricing will cap out at a limit where Honeycommb considers your network to be in the "Enterprise" category.

Please refer to our pricing page for up-to-date information on member tier pricing.

Why offer add-ons?

Honeycommb offers add-ons simply because not every network has the same needs. We could make networks pay for things they don't need by bundling features and raising prices but... we just don't think that's fair.

Instead, we offer a feature-rich, full-stack, social network solution for as little as $24.99 a month with access to every feature with very few limitations.

Why is the add-on I just added to my network not the price listed?

This is because the add-on is being added to your Honeycommb subscription who's billing period has already started. The price you're seeing for the add-on is pro-rated to the number of days in the billing period that the add-on has not been used.

Why is the Mobile Apps add-on a separate subscription?

The mobile apps add-on is a separate subscription because we want to;

  1. Allow network owners to add mobile apps at any point after they create their network

  2. Give network owners the option of paying for the Mobile Apps subscription on a yearly basis to remove the cost of the launch fee.

What is Honeycommb Enterprise and how much does it cost?

Honeycommb's customers fit a wide spectrum of needs and requirements. Honeycommb Enterprise is an approach where Honeycommb works with a customer with a higher demand of needs, like governments or Fortune 500 companies, where we customize our solution and our pricing. Interested in Honeycommb Enterprise? Reach out to [email protected].

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