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How To Access The Control Center
How To Access The Control Center
Updated over a week ago

Administrators of any kind can easily access the Control Center right from the member web application.


We recommend that you access the Control Center using a modern browser, like Chrome, on your desktop computer.

  1. Log in to your network via web browser at your honeycomb subdomain [you-subdomain] or the custom URL you applied to your network.

  2. Click the ••• account menu found in the left menu next to your avatar and name.

  3. Select "Control Center" from the list of menu items

This will open up the Control Center in a new tab in your browser.

Or you can also simply enter "/control-center" at the end of your honeycommb domain - [your-subdomain]

Can't remember your Honeycommb network's domain? "Submit a request" to contact Honeycommb's Success Team to recover it.

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