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Honeycommb Platform Overview
Honeycommb Platform Overview
Updated over a week ago

Honeycommb is the leading all-in-one community platform for independent social networks where anyone can launch a social network they own and control at minimal cost, effort, and time.

Watch this less than 2-minute video for a high-level overview of what Honeycommb has to offer...


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Welcome to Honeycommb

the world's most powerful, all-in-one platform for independent social networks.

Communities of all shapes and sizes use Honeycommb to gather, grow, engage, and even earn revenue.

Honeycommb is a complete, turn-key solution

with beautiful, modern, feature-rich, web and mobile applications

that can be completely white-labeled.

Primary features include;

user-generated content,



a curated home feed of content from profiles and groups a member follows



a complete membership subscription system,

Integrations and much more.

A separate control center gives you total control over every aspect of your network

with powerful but simple point, click, and save actions.

Create your network in less than two minutes at

Start with Honeycommb Web, free for 14 days.

Honeycommb is the only solution where you can upgrade to mobile apps at any time - all on your own.

Honeycommb is a palette of colors for creators, brands, and organizations

who want to build vibrant communities.

What you create with those colors is entirely up to you.

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