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Membership Subscriptions Overview
Membership Subscriptions Overview
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Honeycommb's membership subscription system is a set of features that allows network owners to charge their community members for access to the network and premium features, content, events, groups, and more.

Membership Subscription System Basics

  • Because not every network wants to charge for membership, the membership subscription system is a set of features you add on to your network.

  • Honeycommb uses your Stripe account to process payments, giving you access to payment solutions all over the world and the many amazing features Stripe has to offer.

  • The Membership Subscription feature set allows you to create and sell two kinds of subscription products; 1. Community Subscription Products, 2. Group Subscription Products

  • Unique to Honeycommb, your members can carry more than one subscription product at a time; 1 community subscription product and any number of group subscription products.

  • Community subscription products work together as a tiered set of offerings that a community member chooses one of.

  • Group subscription products put a recurring subscription paywall on premium groups where a subscription gives a member access to that group.

  • Honeycommb does not charge you for access to the robust feature set the membership subscriptions have to offer. Instead, Honeycommb charges a 5% fee per transaction that is taken out at the time of the transaction.

    We do this to make the feature set available to anyone who wants to start charging for membership without the burden of having to pay a monthly fee for the add-on, especially before the network starts generating revenue. We feel a 5% fee is easily included in your "cost of goods sold" revenue model.

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