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Honeycommb Platform F.A.Q.
Honeycommb Platform F.A.Q.
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What is Honeycommb?

Honeycommb is the world’s leading all-in-one platform for independent social networks. It’s a turn-key solution that lets anyone launch a modern social network they own and control with minimal effort, cost, and time. Honeycommb is a feature-rich, beautifully designed, adjustable set of social applications familiar to people because they align themselves with common social networks.

Who uses Honeycommb?

Anyone who wants to gather, engage, and even earn revenue from a community of people online in a modern, social environment that they own and control uses Honeycommb.

Brands use Honeycommb to build relationships and loyalty with their customers. It's easier, cheaper, and more effective to reach them through their own network, as opposed to open social tools like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

Creators (fan-based networks) use Honeycommb because they own and control everything that happens inside their network, unlike open social tools where they don't own their audience, content, data, or the brand equity they build interacting with their audience. Creators also have more control over how they generate revenue in their Honeycommb network.

Organizations (companies, clubs, non-profits, online communities) use Honeycommb as a safe, private online space just for their member to engage and learn about each other in a modern, social environment.

Do I own the content and data in my network?

Yes. And Honeycommb does not leverage your content or data in any way. You can write and adjust your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to govern how YOU use the content and data generated in your network, something you need to be upfront with your members about.

Does Honeycommb do custom development?

We are open to custom development to add capabilities to our platform that fit customer needs. Because we have a roadmap and business priorities of our own, we accomplish custom development projects by working with our development partners to build, QA, and deploy the projects at a cost we pass on to our customers. Honeycommb invests in the project by developing the user experience, interface design, software architecture, and API needs for the project. If you have a network feature requirement you don't see on our platform, submit a support ticket to start the conversation.

Can Honeycommb be completely white-labeled?

Yes, outside of a few hidden places, like a small part Google Play app product page URL, the Honeycommb brand can be completely removed from your member's experience.

Not all networks care about white labeling so going through the expense of removing the Honeycommb brand isn't necessary. Besides, the Honeycommb brand isn't nearly as prominent in the experience of using the member apps as the network owner's brand.

There certainly are customers who care very much about removing the Honeycommb brand entirely. This can be accomplished by purchasing the "White Label Bundle" add-on and, if providing branded, dedicated mobile apps, purchasing "Publish to Developer Account" for Honeycommb to publish your iOS & Android apps to your brand's developer account on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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