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Mobile Apps Addon & Launch Process
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This article is an overview for those looking to launch branded, dedicated, professional mobile apps with Honeycommb and a process guide for Honeycommb customers who have just purchased the Dedicated Mobile Apps addon subscriptions for their network.

Timeline Overview

It takes roughly one business week, if all goes smoothly, for mobile apps to be submitted to Apple and Google for review and approval to app stores.

Day 1: Customer adds the Dedicated Mobile Apps addon subscription to their network. Honeycommb is informed and confirms with the customer (during business hours).

Day 2-3: The Honeycommb graphics team creates the mobile app and network graphics required by Apple and Google app stores (1 - 2 days)

Day 3: Honeycommb contacts the customer for review and approval of the mobile app and network graphics.

Day 4-5: Upon graphics approval, Honeycommb builds and deploys iOS and Android apps and submits them to Google and Apple for review and approval.

Day 5... : The Apple and Google review process can take anywhere from 12 - 72 hours and is subject to their rules. Any rejections are handled by Honeycommb and may require communication with the customer.

How To Addon The Dedicated Mobile Apps Subscription

The Dedicated Mobile App Addon is available to be added to your network by logging into your network's Control Center with a network Admin account and clicking on the "Upgrade & Addons" button in the bottom of the right-side menu, selecting "Dedicated Mobile Apps" from the list of add on options, and checking out.

For more information and full instructions about how to add on the Dedicated Mobile App subscription, read: Dedicated Mobile Apps Subscription Addon

Mobile Apps Launch Process

This section outlines in detail the mobile launch process for prospective and current customers who have recently purchased the Dedicated Mobile Apps addon subscription.

  1. Once you've purchased the Dedicated Mobile Apps addon subscription, someone from the Honeycommb Success team will reach out to the network owner / admin account (email address used to create the network and owner account) to confirm the purchase and next steps.

  2. From the following selection of screenshot templates, choose at least three screenshot templates you would like to be created for your App store product pages. You will reference which screenshots you want in a subsequent email to the Honeycommb Success Team.


  3. Send an email to [email protected] with the following;

    1. Your Honeycommb network's URL and network name.

    2. Your brand's logo file(s) in high-resolution or as vector art, and any brand guidelines you want to share.

    3. Screenshot templates you want created (at least three) for your app store product pages. Reference the screenshots by their template number (ex. 01, 02, 05).

    4. Relative to each screenshot, guide and/or provide the information (posts, events, chat messages, livestream photo, profiles) you want to be used for that screenshot.

  4. The Honeycommb graphics team will create your mobile application and network graphics according to the information you provide. Once completed, the graphics will be uploaded to your Control Center. A success team member will inform you of this for review and approval of the graphics.

  5. Confirm and complete the text field information available in your Control Center's Community Settings > Android App Settings & iOS App Settings. This includes things like the name of your app in the app stores, short and long app descriptions, and other information.

  6. Email [email protected] that the mobile apps information in their settings pages is complete and that your apps are ready to be built and submitted to Apple & Google for review.

  7. The Honeycommb mobile pipeline team will build your iOS and Android applications and submit them to Apple & Google for review and approval.

  8. A Honeycommb Success team member will reach out to you once your mobile applications are approved and available in the Apple & Google app stores.

  9. Rejoice and let your community know your mobile apps are live 📱 🥳 🎉

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