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How to: Add on Dedicated Mobile Apps
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Honeycommb is the only community platform that allows you to add on dedicated, branded mobile apps to your network at any time. Here's how...

Note 1: You must have an active Honeycommb network before you can add on and launch dedicated mobile apps. Create a network for free at

Note 2: Dedicated Mobile Apps is a separate subscription addon from your Honeycommb Subscription. This allows you to add mobile apps to your network at any time and to pay for the dedicated mobile apps subscription annually, which will remove the launch fee.

Steps To Add Dedicated Mobile Apps Addon Subscription

  1. Log in to the network's Control Center using your network administrator account. For help, read: How To Access The Control Center

  2. Click the "Upgrade & Addons" button at the bottom of your right-side navigation. This will open up a list of addon options for your network.

  3. Select "Dedicated Mobile Apps" from the list of addon options by clicking the "+Add >" button. This will bring you to the checkout screen.

  4. The first month's subscription fee and the one-time mobile apps launch fee are presented on the checkout screen. Read: Mobile Apps Launch Fee

    Note: Pay $0 launch fee when paying for your dedicated mobile apps subscription annually. Contact [email protected] to pay annually. Provide your network URL and name in the email. You will need a default payment option saved in your account for finance to create and activate your mobile apps subscription. Read: Adding & Updating The Default Payment Method

  5. If you already have a default payment method saved to your account, simply click the Submit Payment button.
    If you do not have a default payment method saved, fill out the card information and click Submit Payment & Save Card Info. This card will be saved as your default payment method.

  6. A Honeycommb Success Team member will reach out to you to confirm your subscription purchase and to inform you of next steps. Read: Mobile Apps Addon & Launch Process

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