Web Application Overview
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Honeycommb's Web application is a modern, full-featured social network application that's desktop and mobile browser-friendly. It's familiar concepts and interface make it easy for new members to grasp and engage.

This 2-minute overview will give you a quick, high-level look at Honeycommb's web application and some of the features it has to offer.


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The Honeycomb web app is a mobile-friendly desktop application that has a familiar, modern social network experience, making it intuitive and easy to use for you and your members.

It beautifully adheres to your brand and with simple point-and-click settings, can be adjusted to fit the context of your community. And if you upgrade to dedicated mobile apps, every post, livestream, direct message and more syncs perfectly across all platforms.

Once you create your network, you immediately have a login and registration page at your custom Honeycommb subdomain. Note that you can easily add your own custom domain.

Logged in, starting from the top left, is the slideout menu for quick access to primary areas of the application, like groups you’re a member of. Each group further organizes the community with content, real-time chat, and a members directory, and settings.

Further down the slideout menu are links to directories, community events, subscription options, for networks with subscriptions turned on, and any number of custom menu items you chose to add to the menu.

Across the top are other primary areas of the application. Like post creation, where members can create and post rich media content. A home feed where content, like multi-image posts, videos, and livestreams from profiles and groups you follow appear. A customizable Discover area, where content from all over the network can be browsed and discovered. Your activities, a record of all the activity on your content and profile that you can filter and take quick actions on. Direct messaging, a private messaging inbox where you can create and be a part of single or group real-time chat conversations. And your member profile, an expression of your presence in the community.

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