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Groups: Pinning Posts

Pin up to five posts to the top of a Group's post feed.

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Administrators can pin up to five posts to the top of a group's post feed. This is a great way to prioritize content in a group that you want to call attention to.


  • Only root posts can be pinned, not comments or replies to posts.

  • Only Network and Group Admins can pin posts in a group.

  • Group posts can currently only be pinned in the Control Center.

  • Pinned posts show up at the top of the group's post feed where the most recently pinned posts shows at the top.

  • Up to five posts can be pinned in a group.

  • The most recent pinned post shows at the top of the group's post feed.

  • Posts pinned older than the last five pinned posts will no longer be pinned.

How to Pin a Group Post

You must first be either a Network or Group Admin and logged in to your network's Control Center (read: How To Access the Control Center).

  1. In your network's Control Center, go to; Groups > and click the Group in the list of groups where you would like to pin posts

  2. Click on the group's "Posts" tab and in the posts table, click on the post you want to pin. This will open up the post details view on the right side of the browser.

  3. In the post details view posts, click the menu button (••• button on the top right), and select "Pin Post". This will pin this post to the top of the group's post feed.

Pin up to five post in the group's post feed. "Unpin" the post using the same menu in the post's detail view in the network's Control Center.

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