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A summary of Custom Fields on Honeycommb

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Custom Fields are a great tool for capturing more data about your community and creating specified, customized data points about your audience on Honeycommb. Note that custom fields are currently only available in Control Center 1.0 but will be moving to 2.0.

Custom Field Types

Honeycommb currently supports the following customized fields created via your Control Center. It's also important to note that at this time only 'String' custom field types show up on User Profiles.

String (short text)

Enable users to enter in a value for a short text field or select an answer from a list of short text values. Example: Home Town, Profession, or Country.

Text (long text)

Enable users to enter in a value for a long text field. Example: Favorite Sports Story


Enable users to enter in a numeric value. This field will only validate numbers. Example: Age


Enable users to answer a Yes / No question. Example: Are you 21 or older?


Enable users to answer multiple answers to the same question. Example: "What cities have you lived in?" New York, Chicago, Detroit, Other

Creating a Custom Field (overview)

To access custom field, go to Control Center 2.0 > Community Settings > Custom Fields and click on the "Access in Control Center 1.0" button. This will open Control Center 1.0 in the custom fields are for your network.

Honeycommb currently supports up to 10 custom fields in your community.

To create a custom field for your community, navigate to the "Custom Fields" tool in your control center and click "New Custom Fields".


What kind of form field should this custom field be (see above)


What the member sees as the custom field label

Description (for text fields)

What a member sees under the field label that offers them more context or instructions

Onboarding (check box)

Select the check box if this custom field should be included to answer in network registration.


  • Admin: Only as admin can see and manipulate this custom field

  • User: The profile owner can see the custom field on their profile but is not shown to other members of the network.

  • Profile: The field and answer are displayed on the member's profile.

Blank Validation

Check the "Allow" box if it's ok for the member not to answer the question. Leave it unchecked if you want to require the field to be answered.

Edit Validation

Check the "Allow" check box if you want to allow the member to be able to edit the answer to the custom field. Leave the box unchecked if you do not want to allow the member to edit the field.

Read Only

Check this box if only want to give admins, not the member, the ability to answer and modify the field. This, in conjunction with Visibility, can be a way to admins to create fields on the member that only they can see and adjust in Control Center, like a "Notes" field.

Once you've completed all of these fields, the custom field will exist in your community! Using the sidebar hamburger menu, you can also drag or adjust the order of the custom fields (order will be applied when users onboard)

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Custom Fields

Admins can add, edit, and delete custom fields as often as they like. Know that this can create an odd experience for members. We suggest planning what custom fields you want to include in your network before adding and activating them.

Editing a Custom Field

Admins can edit a custom field. If the custom field has been active in the network, we suggest only changing validation. Some thoughts;

  • Editing Custom Fields can be confusing for users; if you change the question after they complete their response, you can confuse their answers

  • Editing a custom field when a user is answering it can create problems

  • Requiring a user to update a field that you just updated can be a bad experience

Deleting a Custom Field

This will delete the custom field and their answers from the network and Control Center. This can not be undone.

Adding a Custom Field

You can add a custom field whenever you like. If this is a required (can not be blank) custom field, current members will be prompted to answer this custom field when they return to the network.

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