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Mar 4: Menu Items 2.0

Create and adjust your application’s menu items with even more customizations and controls 📂 🔗 🏷️

Updated over a week ago

We’ve adjusted and added functionality to the slide-out menu many times but never before has the feature-set taken quite a leap forward. The progression is a direct result of real customer use, feedback, and desire - and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver it to our customers.

There are no longer any limitations on menu items; limit of ten total menu items, limiting the arrangement of all menu items, limiting the re-naming of default menu items, limiting the ability to hide all default menu items... all THAT - no longer a thing :)

Now you can;

  • Add as many menu items as you like

  • Hide/show any menu item

  • Re-order all menu items as you see fit

  • Re-name default menu items

  • Add language translations to menu items

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​ Changelog: Menu Items 2.0

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