Link Menu Items: Creating & Editing

Create links in your applications menu that directs members to places inside or outside of your network.

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What Are Link Menu Items?

Link Menu Items are links that direct members to places within or outside of the network. Admins customize the link menu item's name, what they link to, and how/where the link loads for the members.

To learn more about Menu Items in general, read, Menu Items Overview

How To Create a New Link Menu Item

  1. In the Control Center, go to: Community Settings > Menu Items

  2. To create a Link Menu Item, click the "Create Menu Item" button in the top right of the page and select "Link Menu Item"

  3. Give the Link Menu Item a name. This will be the label for the primary language of the network. Consider the length of the name so that it fits in the menu without being truncated.

  4. Select the Link Menu Item Target. This is where members will go when they've clicked/tapped on the link menu item. The options are;

    Member: Link to a profile in the network. Search & enter by username.
    Post: Link to a published post in the network. Enter the post ID.
    Group: Link to a group in the network. Search & enter by group name.
    Event: Link to a published event in the network. Search & enter by event name.
    In-App Browser Link: Load a web link without leaving the app (Web: iFrame, Mobile: In-app browser). Enter the URL.
    External Browser Link: Load a web link outside of the app (Web: new browser tab, Mobile: default browser application). Enter the URL.

  5. Premium: Networks with the subscriptions addon activated will see a "Premium" setting. Turn this on for this menu item to be included in community subscription products.
    To learn more, read: Premium Menu Items

  6. Click "Save Changes". Return to the menu items table to arrange the order of your new Link Menu Item.

Editing Link Menu Items

  1. To edit a link menu item, from the Control Center, go to: Community Settings > Menu Items

  2. In the table of Link Menu Items and Folder Menu Items, click on the row of the link menu item you would like to edit -or- hover over the row and click the "edit" (pencil) icon.

  3. This will bring you to the link menu item page where you can edit certain aspects of it, depending on whether the menu link is a default or custom link menu item. See below for information on what it editable.

Default Link Menu Items

Default link menu items are a set of menu items that come with every network and are visible by default. These menu items can not be deleted but they can be edited by changing;

  • Their order

  • Their visibility: Show/Hide

  • Their name

Custom Link Menu Items

Custom link menu items are link menu items that were created and added to the network by an administrator.

You can;

  • Delete the link menu item

  • Change their order

  • Change their visibility: Show/Hide

  • Change their name

  • Link Menu Item target member, post, group, event, or link

You can not;

  1. Change the Link Menu Item Target

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