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Menu Items Overview

The Honeycommb "slideout" menu is completely customizable, giving networks the ability to organize and integrate other experiences.

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Menu Items give networks the ability to customize the slideout menu's links area by adding and arranging link and folder menu items whenever necessary.

Because slideout links are a primary navigational area of the network, customizing them gives networks a lot of control to organize, prioritize, and integrate other experiences into the network.

The Honeycommb "Slideout" menu is the left, vertical menu system that can be opened and closed within the web application, and when swiping left-to-right in the mobile applications. Menu items are found under a list of groups a member belongs to, if any, and above the menu footer links.

Two Types of Menu Items

  1. Link Menu Iitems - a linked label that directs people to a link either inside of or outside of the network

  2. Folder Menu Items - labels that organize "child" link menu items within it.

Default Link Menu Items

When networks are first created, Honeycommb includes a handful of menu items that will appear in the menu item area by default. These menu items include, in order;

  • Verifieds - links to "Verified" members directory

  • Members - links to "Members" directory

  • Groups - links to Groups directory

  • Hashtags - links to Hashtags directory

  • Events - links to the main Events list page

  • Invite - opens a unique invite code for each member (web) or share features on mobile apps

  • *Subscription Options - only for networks with active subscription products & plans

Show, Hide, Arrange Menu Items

Administrators have ultimate control over what's displayed in the Menu Items area. To adjust the display of menu items;

  • Go to - Control Center > Community Settings > Menu Items. This will bring you to the main Menu Items table where you can hide, show, arrange, and click to edit menu items

  • Show/Hide by hovering over the menu items row and clicking the "eye" icon.

  • To rearrange menu items, click + hold the drag icon (far right) and drag and drop to the position in the list you wish for the menu item to appear.

  • You can not delete default menu items. You can only hide and rename them.

Edit Default Menu Item Names

For even further customization, the default menu item names can be changed. For example, if you've turned on and have activated a community subscription product, the default menu item "Subscription Options" will appear in the slideout menu. You can change the name "Subscription Options" to something like "Community Membership". Entirely up to you.

To change the name of the default menu item;

  1. Go to: Control Center > Community Settings > Menu Items

  2. In the menu items table, find the row of the default menu item you want to change the name of and click on it. This will bring you to the menu item view.

  3. Change the name and add/change any translation names in the fields provided and "Save Changes".

  4. Refresh your web app and close & reopen your mobile app to see the changes take effect. Note that mobile app users do NOT need to close and re-open their mobile app to see the changes but closed and reopening ensures that you will.

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