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Administrators: Create, Edit, Remove
Administrators: Create, Edit, Remove
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Manage all network administrators and admin roles in one location in your Honeycommb Control Center.


Whether you're a small network with under 100 members or a large network with over 100 thousand members, more administrators to improve the health of your network and engagement of your community is often a requirement.

In your Control Center > Account & Billing you'll find the "Administrators & Roles" area where you can add and remove network administrators.

Note: The network leader account, the account that created the network, automatically has the Network Admin and Account & Billing admin roles applied to their account.

Creating a New Administrator


*Requirement: Any administrator must first be a member of the network before an administrator role can be applied to them. If the person you wish to make an administrator is not yet a member, have them register to be a member network or create their account in Members > Create New Member (button).

  1. In the "Administrators & Roles" area, click the "New Administrator" button on the top right.

  2. Search for the member you wish to make an administrator by name in the "Select Member" field and select them.

  3. "Select an administrator role type" by selecting from the drop-down menu. For more on Administrator role types, see "Admin Role Definitions" for more information.

  4. If selecting "Group Admin" as the role type, search for the group by name that you wish this member to be an administrator of in the following field.

  5. Click "Create Admin" to save. Your new administrator will be informed of their role via email, the "Control Center" link will appear in their account menu, and they will be able to access the Control Center relative to their admin role.

Adding Multiple Administrator Roles to a Single Member

Honeycommb allows you to add multiple administrator roles to a single member. For example, you may want a single member to administer multiple groups in your network. Easy!

  1. Select the administrator you wish to add another administrator role to from the table of administrators by clicking on their table row. This will open up an area on the the right-side where you can adjust the member's administrator roles.

    If the administrator doesn't exist yet, follow the steps above for "Creating a New Administrator".

  2. Click the "+ Add Admin Role" button.

  3. Select the administrator role type, follow any further requirements based on the role type, and click "Save" to apply the new administrator role to your member. Your member will be informed of their new role via email.

Removing an Administrator Role

Removing an administrator role(s) from a member is easily done from the Administrators & Roles area. See how below...

  1. Select the administrator you wish to remove an administrator role from by clicking on their table role in the table of administrators. This will open up the right side area where you can see administrator roles associated with the member.

  2. Hovering over the admin role will reveal a trash can icon 🗑️. Clicking on that icon will remove the administrator role from the member. Note that if this is the only admin role associated with the member, they will also be removed from the list of administrators in the administrator table.

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