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Admin Role Definitions
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This article will outline the different administrator role types you can apply to a member of your community.


Network Admin

The "Network Admin" has access to everything in the network except for the "Account & Billing" area. This allows networks to give a member access to everything needed to manage the entire network outside of anything in the "Account & Billing" area.

Note: The member account that created the network is the network "owner" (sometimes called "leader") account that automatically has the "Network Admin" and "Account & Billing Admin" roles applied to their member account.

Group Admin

The "Group Admin" role is associated with a single group in the network. A member can be the group admin for multiple groups. A group admin has access to the following areas in the Control Center;

  • Posts
    Can only see posts from the groups they are administrators of and from their own profile

  • Members
    Can only see members in their group; approved, pending, and banned.

  • Groups
    Can only see the list of groups that they are an administrator of.

  • Group
    Group Admins also have access to the Group(s) they're an administrator of. Group admins can edit every aspect of a group but can not delete a group.

Account & Billing Admin

Members with just the Account & Billing Admin role will only have access to the "Account & Billing" area of the Control Center. Sections include;

  • Billing Overview

  • Invoices

  • Payment Methods

  • Business Info

  • Administrators & Roles

Note that the network owner member (the member account that created the network) automatically gets the Network Admin role and the Account & Billing Admin role.

The Account & Billing Admin role is helpful for organizations that want to give their finance team or accounts payable team access to be able to change payment methods, download invoices, and check on billing.

This role is also good for resellers of Honeycommb where resellers are charging their customers and don't want customers to have access to billing.

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