Honeycommb & Zapier
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Honeycommb's custom integration with Zapier, a powerful, no-code automation tool, gives network administrators the ability to generate an endless number of custom automation that can make community management easier and your member's experience better.

In other terms, our integration with Zapier is our API solution that doesn't require our customers to be hard-core developers to use it.

Your Zapier automations can work in two ways;

  1. Something happens in another application > do something in Honeycommb

  2. Something happens in Honeycommb > do something in another application

"I still don't get it. What can I do with Zapier exactly?"

The automations you can produce with Zapier are endless, but to give you some concrete, simple examples of what you can do with Zaper to make it less abstract are;

  1. When a new member completes registration > immediately send them a welcome email.

  2. When there's a new article in an RSS feed > create a post in your Honeycommb network

  3. When a member subscribes to a community subscription > send a Slack message

  4. When a member misses a subscription payment > send them a direct message

  5. When a member creates a post > update an engagement score in your database

For more information on Zapier, what it is, and what you can do with it, Zapier has a wonderful YouTube channel filled with informative, helpful, and creative content.

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