How To Connect Zapier

A step-by-step guide to activate your Honeycommb's Zapier integration with your Zapier account.

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Activating your Honeycommb network's Zapier integration with your Zapier account is simple. First, you'll need an account on Zapier. You can create an account for free and they offer a free tier to get you started.

Steps to Connect Honeycommb To Zapier

  1. Log in to your Honeycommb network, go to your Control Center / Integrations / Service Integrations, and look for Zapier (bottom of the list of integrations)

  2. Click the "Edit Integration" button. This will bring you to your Zapier integration page where you'll activate the integration.

  3. Click the "Activate" button in the top right of your Zapier integration page. Your Zapier integration will now be available to Zapier to access your Honeycommb network.

  4. Before you leave your Zapier integration page, copy your Zapier Access Token by clicking the "Copy" button in the field. You'll be pasting this token into Zapier in the next steps.

  5. Log in to your Zapier account and click on "Apps" found in your left navigation menu to go to your "Apps" page.

  6. Click on the "+ Add Connection" button on the top right of your Apps page. A new window will appear for you to search for and add Apps that have a full integration with Zapier.

  7. Search for "Honeycommb" in the "Add a new app connection" window's search field and select "Honeycommb" when it appears in the results. A new browser window will appear with the title "Allow Zapier to access your Honeycommb Account".


  8. Add your Honeycommb Zapier Access Token, which you copied from your Zapier Integration page in your Control Center, into the "Honeycommb API key field" and click the "Yes, Continue to Honeycommb" button to complete the connection. This will close the window.


  9. Done! Congratulations 😊. You'll now see "Honeycommb" as a connected app in your Zapier account. You can now begin creating Zaps and automating all kinds of tasks and experiences for you and your network members!

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