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Jan 23: Registration Success
Jan 23: Registration Success
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There’s little that’s more important to Honeycommb than ensuring the growth of networks that use our platform. To improve the registration completion rate of new users, whether for an open or a private community, Honeycommb has introduced a handful of new features and improvements.



Now found in Control Center 2.0 in the “Grow” section is “Pre-users.”

Q: What is a Pre-user?
A: Pre-users are any users who have started but have not completed registration yet.

Q: What causes incomplete registration?
A: Some users may just be in the middle of registering but most often the cause is user error - a mis-typed email address.

Q: Are preusers counted toward my user table?
A: No. Pre-users only become users once they complete registration and can engage in the community.

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