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Jan 15: New Post & Event Emails
Jan 15: New Post & Event Emails
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Send an email to your community members when publishing a new post or event from your Control Center.


The primary goal of most community managers, at a base level, is value delivery to their members via the network, whatever those primary values might be. This often comes in the form of content that acts as prompts for members to consume and engage. Community events are another common prompt that brings members back to your network to experience the value it provides.

Beyond creating these prompts, the biggest challenge, especially when your network is shiny and new, is behavior change - reinforcing the behavior for your members to log in to your network to see what’s new. That’s what these new emails and member settings are all about - using tried and true technology, in this case, email, to prompt your members outside of the network to ensure they experience the value you’re creating within your network.

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