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Jun 18: Control Center Post Creation
Jun 18: Control Center Post Creation
Updated over a week ago

Honeycommb network administrators can now create posts from their Control Center. Post from any profile, schedule any number of posts, create Livestream RTMP, and more!


Now available in Control Center 2.0 is the ability to create (with ultimate control) and distribute posts to your network. This feature-set has been available in Control Center 1.0 but has finally made it's way over to 2.0 no longer requiring administrators to move back and forth between the two.

Network owners and administrators can still use their web and mobile applications to create and distribute content but creating posts in the Control Center comes with a number of administrator-only controls.

Administrator-only post creation controls in the Control Center include;

  • Post as any author

  • Create a Livestream RTMP post

  • Feature the post

  • Sponsor the post

  • Schedule the post

  • Mark the post as Premium

  • Send a post email to community members

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