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This article details event notification emails that an admin can choose to send when publishing an event from the Control Center.

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How To Send an Event Notification Email

An event notification email can be sent when publishing an event in the Control Center. Only admins, who have access to the Control Center, can create events and send event notification emails.

  1. Log in to your Control Center, go to the Events area, click the "Create New Event" button, and select which event type you wish to create.

  2. Fill out the event information (read: Create & Edit an Event)

  3. In the "Send Event Email" section, to send an event email to the entire community once the event is published, turn the "Send event email when published" toggle to the on / active position.

  4. Click the "Save Draft" button. This will bring you to the event view page.

  5. When ready, click the "Publish Event" button at the top right of the page. The event notification email will be sent to the entire community.

Email Design

The beautifully designed HTML email responds to many different aspects of the event. Careful consideration was taken to make sure the email displays consistently across desktop and mobile email clients, aside from a limited few, historically difficult (we're looking at your Outlook) email clients.

  1. Community Icon

  2. Community Name

  3. The email header subtitle includes the event host's name.

  4. Media "cover" image, first image in the set of images included with the event.

  5. Event title

  6. Event type, Premium (if premium), and RSVP limit (if there is an RSVP limit)

  7. Time stamp, including the time zone

  8. Event description, truncated for length.

  9. The list of Hosts, speakers, and guests.

  10. Primary CTA responds to post type

  11. Honeycommb branding, removed for networks with "White Label Bundle".

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