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Livestreaming With Zoom
Livestreaming With Zoom

This article will help you create a livestream for your network using Zoom.

Updated this week

You stream Zoom calls as a livestream to your network. It's a great tool to use for live streaming because;

  1. Most everyone knows and is comfortable with using Zoom.

  2. You can stream a multi-screen (person) conversation with ease.

  3. You can use other camera & mic setups with Zoom for better streaming quality.


  1. You must have Zoom Pro account ($15/mo)

  2. You must enable Zoom's live streaming setting (Zoom support article)

  3. You must create a Livestream Post or Livestream Event in the Control Center

  4. You will enter a Stream Key & Stream URL into Zoom settings online

Detailed Instructions

  1. Create a Livestream Post or Livestream Event in the network's Control Center.

  2. Copy and paste the Stream URL and Stream Key from the Post or Event detail page into the Zoom Custom Streaming Service area (step 4).

  3. Configure Custom Livestream for a Meeting (Note: This can be for a scheduled Zoom meeting or done in an active Zoom meeting)

  4. Click that blue "Go Live!" button in the Zoom Custom Streaming Service settings page. Whatever the Zoom call goes live, if it isn't already, it will also go live in the Honeycommb network.

  5. Be sure to open up the livestream post on your computer or mobile device (turn off the volume or it will echo in your livestream!) to check to see that it's working and to watch for comments so that you can respond to them.

  6. To end your livestream, first end it in your network either by;

    1. In your Control Center, go to Posts > click the livestream post in the table > click the "End Livestream" button in the top right.


    2. View the livestream post in the network logged in as profile the livestream author and click the "End Livestream" at the bottom of the viewport.

Best Practices

A few notes on things to consider when managing your desktop livestream using Zoom.

  1. Make sure your wifi connection is solid. Turn off all unnecessary applications on your computer as applications like OBS can be very memory intensive.

  2. Use a good microphone. They can be pretty inexpensive while improving the quality a ton.

  3. Test your setup by creating a livestream post in a private group. It can take a minute to get comfortable with livestreaming setups if you're new to it.

  4. When ending your livestream, make sure to first end the livestream in your Honeycommb network either in the Control Center or in your network logged in as the post author before ending the Zoom call.

  5. For networks with mobile apps, create a scheduled mobile notification, scheduled a few minutes before the event, that has a tap target pointed to the event. Find notifications in Engage > Mobile Notifications.

  6. Start your stream a few minutes before you had planned and hang for a bit to allow notifications to go out and for people to join.

  7. Start your livestream with a quick story that doesn't pertain to the meat of the livestream. This allows stragglers a few minutes to join before the event kicks off.

  8. It's also nice to have someone help you manage the livestream, especially if you have the chat feature turned on. It can be hard to host your livestream and watch the chat stream at the same time.

  9. Good luck and have fun with it. And be kind to yourself. Your members will love seeing and hearing from you and your livestream guests.

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