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Nov 20: Auto-Join Groups
Nov 20: Auto-Join Groups
Updated over a week ago

When new members register for your network have them automatically added to groups.


Now available in the Control Center under Community Settings / Onboarding, you'll find a new section under Auto-Follow Accounts called Auto-Join Groups. Here you can add groups that you want new registered or approved members to be a member of. We noticed many Honeycommb networks were using Zapier and webhooks to do this, so we built it into our product to make it simpler for network owners and admins to accomplish.

Auto-join groups can help with first-user experience, to deliver content to the member's home feed immediately, and to help members feel like they're getting more value from the network.

Note that adding an auto-join group is NOT retro-active. This will only work for new registered or approved members going forward from when the auto-join group was added.

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