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Feb 28: Picture-in-Picture
Feb 28: Picture-in-Picture

Picture in Picture is now available on video players on web, iOS, and Android Honeycommb applications.

Updated over a week ago

Picture in Picture was a customer request we received and acted on almost immediately. This allows members to watch and/or listen to the video or livestream either while interacting in the application or outside of mobile applications.

Web Picture-in-Picture Mode

Found in the video player on the bottom right (box in a box icon), is Picture-in-Picture mode which, when clicked, allows members to pin the video to the bottom right of the browser window in a fixed position. This allows members to be a part of the conversational thread happening in the post below the video without missing the visual aspects of the video.

iOS Picture-in-Picture Mode

Found by tapping on the video player while a video is playing is Picture-in-Picture mode, a box over a box icon on the top left, which, when tapped will fix the video to the iOS device viewport, allowing the member to scroll the iOS view or close the application and to continue to watch and listen to the livestream or video.

Android Picture-in-Picture Mode

Honeycommb Android mobile apps also support picture-in-picture mode. When on a post and playing a video or livestream, tap on the video player and then on the bottom right icon (three verticle dots). This will bring up a menu with "Picture in picture" as a selection. Tap "Picture in picture" to pin the video to the bottom of the viewport and to allow you to scroll the post and even exit the app and still watch and/or listen to the video.

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