Setup Your Developer Accounts

When setting up your community, you have the option of setting up your own developer account to publish your app from. If you decide NOT to publish your app from your own developer account (also totally acceptable) then the developer account will be listed as Places App Inc DBA Honeycommb. 

The following is the required steps to enable account integration with Android & Apple developer accounts. 

Android Developer Account Set Up

  1. Create your developer account on the Google Play. Just do a quick search in Google for "Google Play Console Create Account" and you'll create a Google Play account. 
  2.  Invite Developer Operations | to your developer account 
  3. Complete Steps  1 - 8 located here
  4. Share the output file (.json file) with your Honeycommb Success Manager 

Apple Developer Account Set up 

  1. Create an Apple Organization Developer account on this page.
  2. Note that if you opt to create a personalized developer account, we cannot integrate with your account. It is required to be an organization account. 
  3. Invite Developer Operations 
    1. NAME: Ryan Fung
    2. EMAIL: 
    3. PERMISSIONS: App Manager
    4. Make sure to check the box of Developer Resources: Access to certificates, Identifiers & Profiles. 


Have any questions? email or your customer success manager. 

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