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Group Chat By Honeycommb

Starting this week, Honeycommb will roll out Group Chat to client communities. This is a special update to your community that takes the in-group experience to a whole new level. In the last year, Honeycommb communities have been filled with Live Chats, Ask Me Anything's, and abundant discussions. All of the conversations and energetic discussions in your communities have lead the way for a real-time messaging experience.  Group Chat was build with a stickiness to it. If a user is a member of a group, they'll receive a notification from system if the following occurs: 

  • A verified member of the community (or group) enters the discussion
  • A member that you've added to home is participating in the chat
  • An above-average amount of discussion inside the group 

Push Notification For Group Chat

Chat is a dynamic experience that supports all of the same post creation formats your users are accustom to. Using videos, pictures, GIF's, links or just plain text, community members can connect with one another in their desired format. 

"Group Chat in Honeycommb provides an all-new way for users to interact with one another. This new experience is going to continue to make communities stickier and sticker. We're excited about the future of messaging on Honeycommb." - Sean Duhame, CEO of Honeycommb  

With this addition to the mobile experience, we've added updates to the Control Center. On your launch pad, you'll see an accumulation of total chats in the last 24 hours: 

Admin Launch Pad

Also new in the Control Center is a tab to see the live discussions happening in your community. The "Chat" button on the top navigation bar takes to you to the post waterfall of discussions happening in your community. 

If you'd like, please connect with your success manager for a walk through of chat and a full tutorial of the update.  


Have any questions? email or your customer success manager. 

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