Scheduling A Post

We know that sometimes you'd like to push out content at a time you may not be at your computer or able to publish. With scheduled posts, you can push content out at a desired time and date. Start by clicking "New Scheduled Post" or "Create One"

Just like you'd create a post, add in the:

  • User
  • Title
  • Body
  • Any Media (JPEG, Mov, MP4, etc..)
  • Featured (Yes / No) 
  • The group that you'd like to post to

Our scheduled posts use a 24-hour clock that is based on the time zone of your admin account with Honeycommb. To schedule a post, simply click the date and time on the 24-hour clock (or type it into the box if you'd like to get more specific with your publish time. 


Have any questions? email or your customer success manager. 

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