Preferred Domain and SSL Certificate Providers

We've launched quite a few Honeycommb communities and that's come with a fair share of work with domain and website providers as well. 

Through that experience, we've created a list of our recommendations and preferred providers that have the simplest process for getting started: 

SSL Certificate Providers: 

Namecheap: Arguably the cheapest and easiest tool to secure your SSL certificate. 

Domain Providers:

Namecheap: A repeat offender on the list is of the easiest domain providers to work with and a simple tool to purchase your domain and your SSL certificate in one place

Google Domains:

How to set up Github Pages with Google domains - Luis L - Medium

NOTE: To set up a custom URL for your network it's required that you have access to your DNS. So, your existing web partner must provide access. Platforms like Squarespace (sometimes) do not provide access to the site DNS. 

Have any further questions or need some extra help? Send us an email, we're here to help: 

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