User Notifications

To be notified about new users or pending users in your community, you can set up a webhook with a customized email. To set up this webhook, you'll need the following:

  • A Zapier account 

To start, navigate to the Webhooks section of your control center and create a new webhook. First, select the "User Created" webhook:

Next, go through the standard webhook creation process with Zapier, but you'll add an additional step after you run the javascript to parse the data: "Only Continue If..."

 Using the "Only Continue If..." section in Zapier, you'll want to set up a boolean toggle that will halt the workflow if the user is approved, but continue the workflow if the user is pending:

Next, you can customize the email that's sent to you via the Zapier email tool, or you can use Gmail as a vehicle to deliver the email. In the customized setup, you can use anything from the parsed data to populate the email that you're generating. here's an example: 

From here, turn on your Zapier Zap and let it rip!

NOTE: Honeycommb does not currently support any native new or pending user notifications via the control center, they must be set up via Webhooks. 

Have any questions? email or your customer success manager. 

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