Content Export

As the owner of your community, you're entitled to the data of your network. To export community data, work with your Success manager or send a request to to get a CSV or Excel format of a network export. Community owners are able to export the following fields tied to the content in their community:

Exportable Content Fields

User ID: The ID of the user who created the post
Community ID: The community ID of the post
Body: The copy in the body of the post
Sponsored: Is the post sponsored, yes/no
Created At: The creation date of the post
Updated At: The date that the content was updated with copy adjustments (if it was updated) 
Likes Count: Total likes on the post at the time of export 
Flags Count: Total flags on the post at the time of export 
Featured: Is the post featured or marked as featured at the time of export, yes/no
Title: The title of the post
Featured At: If the post is featured, then the featured date
Ancestry: How many total comments are made on the post
Ancestry Depth: The total replies value of comments 
Children Count: How many replies are created on the post 
Hot Score: The value of the hot score on the post at the time of export 
Descendants Count: Total number of replies + comments on the post 
Group Posts Count: Number of groups that a post is in
Edited At: If the post is edited by the user
Pending Delete: If the post is deleted or pending deletion 
Restricted: If the post is in a restricted group
URLs Count: The total number of URLs generated for a post

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