Opt In vs. Opt Out Model

Honeycommb uses a Follow Model for the standard way that users' home feed is populated with content. The follow model (as the name suggests) means that when another user is added to home, content from that user will be displayed. When managing your community, there are two different ways you can set up how users' content is displayed in the Home Feed dynamic.

Opt-In Model:

The Opt-In Model is one where each user is NOT following any other members of the community and can opt-in to follow other specific members as they so choose. Upon account creation, this leaves their home feed to content that they have posted and content that the community leader (admin account) account have posted only.

When It Works Best:

The Opt-In model is best applied when the size of the community is above 300 people. Because you're automatically adding each user to the home feed, which can create a lot of unwanted content and the feeling of "lack of control" by users in your community. 

Opt-Out Model: 

The Opt-Out Model is one where each user can opt-out of following another specific user. By default, each user is auto-following every other member of the community and their content is added to the home feed by default. 

When It Works Best:

The Opt-Out model is best applied when the size of the community is below 300 people. As the community feels intimate and tight-knit, it can make the experience feel much more engaging and your home feed is going to display content from all the other members of the community.

Overall, it never hurts to ask your community what they'd prefer. Capturing feedback from those in your network is a great tactic to create an optimal experience. 

To adjust your model, please contact your Honeycommb Success Manager. 

Have any further questions or need some extra help? Send us an email, we're here to help: support@honeycommb.com

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