Verified Users

You can identify important members of your community by marking them as verified in your own network's terminology. You can use verified to identify valuable, trusted members within the community.  A star next to a user name identifies your verified members.  

Examples of Verified Users:

  • In Lady Gaga's Little Monsters, her fan community, verified users are defined as "Monsters" and those are her super fan ambassadors. 
  • In Talegate, fan community for college football, verified users are college football players, both past and present, defined as "Players". 
  • In Liverpool Goals, a verified user is defined simply as "Verified" and that badge of honor is given to the users who post consistent quality content. 

How to set-up Verified:

1. Enter your community through your admin dashboard and click on Translations in the Menu bar. 

2. Click on the 'New Translation' button.

3. Choose "Verified" as the Key, "English" as the Language, and then in "Value" enter what you'd like to identify your verified user as- the singular version i.e. Player. Finally click, 'Create Translation' button. 

4. Click on the 'New Translation' button again. 

5. Choose "Verified" as the Key, "English" as the Language, and then enter what you'd like to identify your verified users as a group as it's relevant to your community- plural version i.e. Players. Finally click, 'Create Translation' button. 

6. You're done and you should see your Verified(s) set up in your network like so: 


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