Using SmartURL can be one of the most important digital marketing tools you can take advantage of to promote your network. SmartURL gives you one link that redirects by the device. This means that you can drive your audience to whichever app store they use based on their device. This is important because your audience can use either Android's Google Play Store or Apple's App Store but you can use one link that will direct them to your store listing on either platform or log in through the web.

After signing up for your own Smart URL account and logging in, click the Create button. 

1. Copy and paste your Honeycommb network's web URL in Default URL (i.e.

2. Go to Device Destinations and choose iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

3. Enter the URL to your Apple App Store listing for iPad and iPhone.

4. Enter the URL to your Android Google Play store listing for Android. 

5. Scroll down and click Save SmartURL. Copy the link and use it to invite and direct others to join your community. 


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