Community Launch Checklist

Before you're launching to your audience, whether it be a soft launch with a beta group or official announcement, there are a few final touches to make sure your network is ready for your community. It's important to populate your network with content so people aren't joining an empty space. Often times, the members of an online group behave the way they see others engaging. If your group has no content, no one else will want to be the first to post. If you have content and created posts encouraging engagement, many people will react to your prompts with engagement and you'll build a thriving, successful community.  

Have you...

Created Groups?
In addition to naming a group and giving it a description, the artwork is just as important. 

Uploaded content?
Create some posts with photos and videos inviting people to engage within the network, welcoming them to the community, and/or a quick start guide to explain how to navigate the app.

☐ Generated a SmartURL for your app and web experience?
Use your SmartURL and share it on your social channels, email, on your website, and within other groups to promote your network. 

☐ Add Preapproval Members?
Preapproval applied to private/ closed networks where an admin must approve members. Save your time and your members' time by preapproving them in the system so when they download the app they can download, register, and automatically enter. 

☐ Created a Feed Banner?
Feed banners can grab the attention of your members and you can direct them anywhere within the app or to an external link.

☐ Set up Auto-Follows?
You can curate the feed of your members when they join by setting up Auto-Follows so they see the content they're interested in. 

Create Onboarding Cards
Onboarding cards are a great way to set some expectations for your new community members and further brand the onboarding experience. If you haven't already, you can request that our design team use a template to create onboarding cards for you. Request Artwork Here. 

 Link Up Your Marketing Channels
Make sure that all of your owned channels and properties are pointing in the right direction, to your community! 

☐ Finish setting up your Custom Fields
Use specific questions to capture more information about your audience and leverage additional data points tied to contact records. 

If you've checked every box above then you're ready to launch your community!

Have any questions? email or your customer success manager. 

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